• What Does a Background Check for Pre-Employment Screening Show?

    February 5, 2019

    When used by recruiters, a background check is able to provide a lot of useful information. This allows you to determine whether or not a candidate will be a good fit for the organization and confirm their employment history.

    What Does A Background Check Consist Of?

    • Ontario Driver AbstractsCriminal Record Check – Keeping your business and customers safe and protected is essential. Running a criminal record check can help you be sure that you are hiring employees that don’t have any dangerous incidents in their past, and that you can trust them to handle sensitive information and documents without worry. You can ask the candidate directly, but it may be awkward or uncomfortable if the potential employee does not know how to respond. Once consent has been received, the team at RightFit Plus can perform a criminal record check for you to give you peace of mind.
    • Employment References and Verifications – While not everyone may be inherently deceitful, resumes may often have some aspects that are fluffed or made up entirely. If a proper background check is not performed, this information can be taken as fact, and you may hire a candidate who is severely underqualified for the position while losing out on other great applicants.
    • Ontario Driver Abstracts – If the position you have available requires a lot of driving or use of company vehicles, it’s wise to obtain a driver’s abstract. This will show you whether or not the candidate you’re looking to hire has a clean and safe driving history. If, however, the candidate has several demerit points on their record and it shows that they have also been caught for speeding, you may want to reconsider them for the position. This will help you avoid any risks, liabilities or consequences brought on by their potentially dangerous driving habits.

    Conducting reference and background checks is a critical stage of the overall hiring process. This allows you to be sure that your new hire will be able to fulfill the tasks required of the job, and also is who they say they are. This will help you to make well-educated choices when it comes to selecting the right candidate. For more information about our testing services, contact us at 905-604-4951 or toll-free at 1-888-604-4951.

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