Ontario Driver’s Abstracts are a Must for Jobs in Which Driving is an Essential Duty

It is a known fact that a person can operate a motor vehicle without a valid driver’s license; this is by no means appropriate, or even legal, but there are still countless stories of people who have been involved in traffic accidents or have committed traffic violations where it was determined after-the-fact that they were driving without a legal permit.

On the other hand, possessing a valid driver’s license does not guarantee that the individual has a clean driving record; there are many people on the road today who have accumulated demerit points and/or who have been fined for various driving infractions yet their licenses have neither be suspended nor revoked entirely.

Drivers Abstract Ontario
Driver Record Ontario

These types of situations can be troublesome for employers when they are hiring candidates for roles in which driving a vehicle is an essential duty, e.g.: sales representatives, service people, couriers, etc.  There can be potential risk factors and grave consequences in play for all parties involved, including innocent bystanders, not to mention liability issues on the part of the employer.

Therefore, to avoid such circumstances, employers would be well-advised to investigate the driving records of candidates for jobs in which driving is a fundamental requirement prior to making a hiring commitment; this can be achieved by obtaining their driver’s abstracts, one of the many services available to employers from the team at RightFit Plus.

Results of an Ontario Driver’s Abstract Can Be a Pivotal Part of a Hiring Decision

A driver’s abstract is, in essence, a record of the person’s driving history over the previous three years; securing the driver’s abstracts of potential new hires offers several benefits to employers, including:

Ontario Drivers Abstract
  • Avoiding embarrassment
  • Avoiding potential liabilities
  • Avoiding a bad hiring decision

RightFit Plus can order driver’s abstracts for residents of Ontario, on behalf of an employer, through the province’s Ministry of Transportation (ServiceOntario); the information reported in these abstracts will include the following:

  • Suspensions, convictions, or injunctions
  • Current status of license
  • Any charges for impaired driving

Based on the results of a driver’s abstract, an employer can decline to consider a candidate for a position where driving is an essential duty or requirement if that individual is deemed to have a poor driving record.

Investigate a candidate’s driving record before giving them the keys to a company car or to vehicles that are used for business purposes.  Call RightFit Plus at 1-888-604-4951 today or contact us for more information about our services related to driver’s abstracts for Ontario residents.

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