The Importance of Investing in Sales Aptitude Testing & Assessments

A survey of consumers, regardless of the actual sample size, will most likely produce a wide assortment of descriptive terms for individuals employed in the sales function; depending on their prior histories/interactions with salespeople and the results of such dealings, consumer responses could range from easy-going to pushy, from knowledgeable to uninformed, from enthusiastic to bored, and any number of additional polar opposites.

By association, however, these impressions will extend beyond the respective salespeople to include their products and services and their employers as well. And while consumers might be excused if their perspectives are less than favourable, sales personnel and in particular the companies they represent must be held responsible and accountable.

Granted, there will be circumstances where competitors offer better products and/or prices, but in many cases, it is a result of employers placing people in sales positions for which they are ill-suited or ill-prepared; and the fallout from these moves can have long-term negative implications.  To avoid such potentially devastating decisions, for both the employee and the employer, a pre-employment assessment of sales aptitude and fit for the former would be a prudent investment by the latter.

Providing an In-Depth Appreciation of Candidate Viability for Sales Roles

It can cost an employer thousands of dollars to hire then fire an employee and have to hire another individual, not to mention the intangibles of bad hiring decisions, including the need to reinvest time and effort and the negative impact on employee morale and productivity.

sales assessment test
Sales Aptitude Assessment

A cookie-cutter mentality would not be an ideal approach for all employers when hiring sales people, as different types of products and services will require different styles and skill sets.

RightFit Plus can conduct a Sales Aptitude Assessment for prospective sales representatives to help employers determine whether these individuals have the necessary skills for the role as well as the respective type of sales for which they are best suited; the RightFit Plus sales aptitude tests provide scores in 11 important sales-related elements, including:

  • Sales Ethics
  • Client Suitability
  • Presentation Skills
  • Cold-Calling Abilities
  • Telemarketing Abilities
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Closing/Securing the Sale
Sales Aptitude Assessment

Utilizing the RightFit Plus Sales Aptitude Assessment system will provide employers with an in-depth appreciation of a candidate’s viability for a specific sales role in their organization.

A Valuable Tool

A Valuable Tool from the Perspective of Training and Development

It is quite conceivable that there may be some disparity in the individual scores per element within a candidate’s sales aptitude test, yet their overall score would favour moving forward with an interview and perhaps an offer of employment.

To that end, the RightFit Plus Sales Aptitude Assessment system can prove to be a valuable tool from a training and development perspective; in addition to evaluating the candidate’s capacity to perform and succeed in a sales role, plus the types of sales (inside or outside), products/services, and customers that best match their profile, this test can help employers develop customized and structured training programs that can be implemented immediately after on-boarding the successful applicant.

To gain additional insight on the relevance of the RightFit Plus Sales Aptitude Assessment system as it pertains to your sales functions and needs, call RightFit Plus at 1-888-604-4951 today or contact us to arrange for a complimentary discussion with one of our consultants.

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