Pre-Employment Testing Helps Identify, Hire, and Retain the Right Talent

Pre Employment TestingOne of the challenges facing businesses today, regardless of their respective size and areas of focus, relates to their hiring processes, or perhaps more explicitly, to the hiring decisions they make at the conclusion of those recruiting efforts. It is well-known that hiring the right individuals can substantially improve company performance and morale, yet there are countless examples of organizations that have invested time and resources to fill open positions only to find that the candidates selected did not live up to expectations.

Those hiring decisions, and their subsequent return on investment, may have been infinitely more impactful had they been supported with information garnered from pre-employment tests. Professionally developed and validated pre-employment testing offers an objective, consistent, and reliable method to collect valuable insight on the capabilities and personality traits of potential new hires; furthermore, pre-employment testing can have a positive long-term effect on employee retention rates, thus enhancing their productivity and contributions to the organization.

Assess Candidate Personality Against Multiple Character Traits

Personality Profile Assessment

An easy-to-use online system that gives employers an opportunity to gauge the personality of prospective candidates; it offers detailed information on 18 character traits and talents such as confidence, assertiveness, decision-making capabilities, and communication skills.

Personality Profile Assessment
Online Personality Test

Results are usually ready within a few minutes after candidates complete their tests and are made available to the employer in an easy-to-read/easy-to-understand format.

Sales Aptitude Assessment

For prospective sales representatives to help employers determine whether the individuals have the requisite skills for such a role as well as the particular type of sales for which they are most suitable; the tests generate scores in 11 different sales-related competencies that including sales ethics, presentation skills, cold-calling, telemarketing, and closing the sale.

sales assessment test
Sales Aptitude Assessment

These results offer a comprehensive appraisal of a candidate’s viability for a particular sales role in the organization.

IQ Test

A screening test specifically designed to reflect how well the applicant can reason and solve problems, an asset that can significantly influence their ultimate success in the workplace; it stresses common sense values rather than proficiency in an academic setting.

Pre-Employment IQ Tests
Employment iq Test

The test results help determine an individual’s ability in many skill areas related to problem-solving, including a capacity to retain information, to reach sound conclusions, and to make good decisions.  Furthermore, a high score on this specific IQ test could be indicative of the individual’s aptitude to grasp new information and learn new skills quickly.

Math and Verbal Skills

A practical 20-question test that can be administered prior to making a job offer in order to evaluate a candidate’s aptitude with math and verbal skills, this test has 10 math-specific questions and 10 grammar-specific questions, in random order, that address such factors as multiplication, calculating percentages/discounts, spelling, and sentence structure/grammar.

Pre Employment Skills Testing
Pre-Employment Testing Software

It is strongly recommended that math and verbal skills testing should only be administered in conjunction with a RightFit Plus Personality Profile Assessment.


A customizable feature that offers employers the capability to test and compare the skill set and cultural fit of prospective employees against established standards for specific jobs in their company.  RightFit Plus benchmarking can be adapted to individual functions within an organization in order to address the personality traits and talents deemed vital to succeed in each respective role.


These custom-designed hiring benchmarks can play an important role in assuring that new hires have the skills and the personality to fit within a company’s culture and contribute to its ongoing success.

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