The Benefits of Using Internal Benchmarking in Your Hiring Process

Employee Benchmark TestingWhen the subject of benchmarking is included in the agenda for a management committee meeting or a strategic planning session, it may often be assumed by the attendees that any such dialogue will focus on comparing the current performances of the company’s products, services, and processes versus those of an industry leader in order to determine major gaps and opportunities for internal changes/improvements. This in turn is a valuable exercise for organizations looking to gain a competitive edge within their respective marketplaces.

But the application of benchmarking should not solely be restricted to external comparisons; that is, to assessing how business is being conducted elsewhere then emulating those best practices in-house. It can also be very beneficial to look inside the walls of the company, so to speak, and create standards, i.e. benchmarks for different roles or functional areas, with perhaps none more critical than the hiring process.

Making poor hiring decisions can have adverse effects that ripple throughout a company and even extend to its client base; such areas of impact will include but are not limited to:

Benefits of Benchmarking

  • Productivity
  • Organizational Morale
  • Customer Service/Relationships
  • No Training or Certification Required
  • Retention Rates
  • Recruiting/Training Budgets

By establishing hiring benchmarks for various in-house roles or departments, companies can more effectively identify the candidates whose talents and character traits most closely align with the profiles of their top performers, resulting in better hiring decisions, higher retention rates, and a greater return on investment from their recruiting and training budgets.

A Customizable Benchmarking Feature to Compare Applicants to Top Performers

Each function in a company has specific character traits and talents necessary for success

RightFit Plus has developed a customizable benchmarking feature that provides employers with the capability to test and compare the skill set and cultural fit of prospective new hires versus established criteria for specific jobs/departments in their company.  These standards are determined by testing several top performers, i.e. known employees, in those positions, thereby setting a target score to be attained by potential candidates for those corresponding roles.

It is safe to say that few, if any, functions within an organization are exactly alike; each one will have specific character traits and talents deemed necessary for the individuals in those jobs to succeed.  To that end, our RightFit Plus benchmarking can be adapted to any roles in a company, evidenced by the following range of functions for which it has been used to date by various clients:

    Graphic Design
    Technical Service
    Event Coordination

Custom-designed hiring benchmarks for any jobs or teams in your company can play a vital part in ensuring that all new hires have the skills and personality to fit with your company’s culture and contribute to your overall growth and success.

For further information about our benchmarking feature, including the types of testing and how your results are compiled and presented, call RightFit Plus at 1-888-604-4951 today or contact us to schedule a complimentary demonstration with one of our advisors.

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