The Value of Reference Checking Before Making a Hiring Decision

The vast majority of employers would agree that there is considerable room for error, if not outright risk in hiring any candidate solely on the basis of the information provided on their application form or resume. Therefore, employment reference checks play a crucial role in helping employers choose the right candidate. This is because, although the content of the documents provided might be sufficient to eliminate some aspirants in the early stages of the screening process, completed application forms and prepared resumes typically do not contain enough information to support a hiring decision/commitment on the part of an employer.

Employment Reference Checks
Reference Checks in Canada

There is indeed something to be said about meeting with potential new hires face-to-face in order to gain an appreciation for their skills and personality and to assess how well they will fit within the corporate culture of the organization.  Yet despite the interactive nature of the interviewing process, there often remains a degree of uncertainty on the part of the decision makers, largely because much of what they learn about candidates during these discussions must be taken at face value.

This is certainly not meant to imply that all candidates are deceitful in how they represent themselves on their resume or in an interview, but rather that some important information may be incomplete or not offered at all.  Thus, the value of reference checking; this step of collecting further information about an applicant before making a final decision on whether or not to hire them is vital to the hiring process.

Professional Reference Check

A Comprehensive Professional Reference Check Service

Checking references adds several critically-important elements to the hiring process:

  1. Authentication of previous work history
  2. An assessment of past work performance
  3. Verifying the accuracy of information provided
  4. Uncovering additional information not shared to date

To help employers expedite the selection process and make more informed and comfortable decisions, RightFit Plus offers a comprehensive professional reference check service that will provide greater insight into a candidate’s work ethic and abilities than what may be gleaned from an in-person interview.  This service offers several benefits to employers, including:

  • Alleviating a time-consuming process for in-house staff
  • Process is administered in a thorough fashion – every time
  • Process is administered in a consistent fashion – every time
  • Full objectivity; results are obtained by an unbiased third party

Our standard RightFit Plus reference check includes an extensive set of questions; however, clients have the option to develop their own list of questions to address their specific needs. All reference checks are completed through direct contact with co-workers, supervisors, executives, or other business colleagues.

Reference checking is one of the fundamental steps in the selection process; it helps ensure that a candidate is a good fit for the job and the organization while also helping to avoid the cost associated with a poor or failed hiring decision.

For more information on our comprehensive professional reference checking service and its benefits to your hiring process, call RightFit Plus at 1-888-604-4951 today or contact us to request a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced team members.

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