RightFit Plus Inc. (RFP) will provide background-screening services for employment purposes that include; employment references, education verifications, driver abstracts (Ontario only), criminal checks as well as 4 different assessment tests.
The result of the background check will vary depending upon the type of background check requested.


Turnaround time for each background check varies and is based upon the type of check and will range from 4 hours to 72 hours.  There may be certain circumstances in which a result will take longer, however RFP will notify the client of the timeline extension and seek approval by the client before continuing the check.

Turnaround time for testing results will be within 2 – 5 minutes of the successful submission of the completed test.

Turnaround time for hiring benchmark results will range from 1 hour to 4 hours and will be dependant upon the timing of the completed test(s).

Results will be sent via e-mail to the contact that initiated the request.


Unless confirmed otherwise, the prices shown on our price list on the day the order is placed are applicable.


Clients may open an account with RightFit Plus (RFP) upon completion of a Customer Account Form.  Once an account has been established invoices will be sent via e-mail on the 1st day of the month for services completed the previous month.   If purchasing a package of credits, an invoice will be sent via email on the day the purchase request is made.  Payment is due upon receipt of invoice.

Remit payment to: RightFit Plus Inc., 305 Renfrew Drive, Unit 201, Markham, ON L3R 9S7.


Refunds are not given for services that have been ordered by the client and completed by RightFit Plus.  Unused credits, which have been purchased in bulk and not used within 1 calendar year, will automatically transfer to the next year unless otherwise directed.  They may also be transferred to any other services of equal dollar value offered by RFP.

Termination of Services:

Should a client wish to terminate their service relationship with RFP, we will accept the termination once written confirmation has been received by RFP from the company.

In the circumstance that a service relationship is cancelled from a client who has a “flat fee” account, we will charge for the whole month in which we receive the termination.

Should RFP or a client terminate the service relationship, any background checks that have been requested and paid for but not completed, will be completed and sent to the client within the normal timeframe for that specific type of check.

General Terms for Use of Services

The client understands and agrees to request background information for applicants with the applicable release forms provided by RFP and ensure all signatures are that of the applicant.

The client understands and agrees to only place orders for background information for employment purposes, which are compliant with the Federal, Provincial, Human Rights, Labour and Privacy laws.

The client understands and agrees to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the applicant’s personal information.  The client further agrees to protect all information requested by RFP for identification purposes, such as social insurance numbers, date of birth, country of origin and gender will not be used to discriminate against applicants.

The client understands and agrees to keep original copies of signed RFP consent forms on file for a period of one calendar year and will produce such original copies upon request from RFP or RFP providers.  Such forms will be kept in a secure location that is not accessible to unauthorized personnel.

The client understands and agrees that destruction of documents will be done in a manner that renders them completely destroyed and unusable; such are shredding or by using a certified document destruction company.

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