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Hiring decisions can affect your company performance, staff morale, and operating budgets. Our online pre-employment screening and benchmarking services help facilitate your hiring process and strengthen your employee retention rates.

How It Works
  • Reduce Hiring Risks
  • Set a Standard For Your Hiring
  • Pinpoint Training Needs to Increase Performance
  • No Training or Certification Required

Pre-Employment Testing

Make Informed Hiring Decisions

A comprehensive system of proprietary pre-employment screening tests administered to prospective candidates to help assess their probability of success in a particular role as well as their fit within the culture of your organization.

Our Solutions

Background Checks

Reduce the Guess Work When Hiring

The capability to complete several background checks on behalf of an employer, including a candidate’s references and criminal history, to assist in making good hiring decisions in the short-term, with an eye toward the future as well.

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