The Test Drive

We realize that finding the “Right Fit” when hiring new employees can be challenging, and that “there is no such thing as a sure thing”.

However, through our exclusive software program, thousands of clients worldwide have substantially improved their hiring process and decision-making and have dramatically reduced the costs associated with bad hires and high turnover.

To learn how this software program works, we encourage all of our clients to take advantage of our free “test drive”, which includes two (2) free assessments that allow you to evaluate the results and to confirm the accuracy of those results.

Why should you take this test drive with us?

  • To learn about the program and get clarification/answers to your questions
  • To appreciate the ease of use of our software program (no training required).
  • To gain insight from our experienced consultants on the interpretation of the results
  • To learn how our services can help your managers make more informed hiring decisions

The Start of a Great Working Relationship

RightFit Plus is fully dedicated to providing our clients with the most accurate reports available; and based on their feedback, clients who have worked with our program have been thoroughly impressed with their results and how easy it was to effectively dovetail testing into any hiring processes, regardless of the level of complexity.

Great Working Relationships
Great Working Relationships

This in turn leads to mutually beneficial working relationships between RightFit Plus and our clients; our commitment/mandate to ensuring such a collaborative and outcomes-oriented effort includes:

  • Viewing our role as an extension of your recruitment department.
  • Understanding your hiring and development processes in order to serve you better
  • Doing things well right from the start; setting up our relationship for maximum success
  • Making you feel welcome and comfortable with our team (just like onboarding new staff)
  • Offering a very competitive price structure; and finding the right payment option for you

Benefit From Your Personalized Client Dashboard

RightFit Plus understands and appreciates that many clients have the need for a centralized Candidate Data System (or CDS).  To that end, RightFit Plus is the only pre-employment screening and testing company that provides its clients with the most advanced, user-friendly, interactive tool, known as our “Client Dashboard”.

This personalized tool contains the results from your pre-employment testing of potential candidates, and offers several valuable benefits and applications, including:

Personalized Tool
  • 24-hour remote access
  • Easy to use for any level of management
  • The immediate retrieval of assessment results
  • A reporting feature that allows you to examine your company’s hiring analytics

Most importantly, this exclusive and secure dashboard gives our clients the confidence they need to be assured that all testing data remains protected and confidential.

Additional Steps in Assessing the Right Fit

RightFit Plus further supports our clients by completing pre-employment background checks to ensure that the candidate is not only the “right fit” for your company, but also that their employment history and relevant experience were accurately reflected during the screening and interviewing processes.

Click here to read more about our various pre-employment screening services.  To discuss any of these services in greater depth, call the team from RightFit Plus at 1-888-604-4951  today or contact us to book a no-obligation consultation with one of our advisors.

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