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RightFit Plus is an online pre-employment screening and benchmarking services company committed to helping employers make informed hiring decisions and to strengthening their employee retention rates.  On the basis of more than 20 years of experience in the field of personality testing, including the processing of over 10,000 tests, RightFit Plus can capably support the internal recruiting and pre-screening processes of our clients, allowing them to select the best talent for their immediate and long-term needs.

Help Build the Right Team
Help Build the Right Team

RightFit Plus is the only Canadian rights holder to a proprietary pre-employment testing system developed by specialists with expertise in the areas of sales and industrial psychology.  This comprehensive system consists of pre-screening tests that are administered to prospective candidates to help determine their probability of success in a particular role, as well as their cultural fit within an organization; this pre-employment testing is comprised of:

About Us Testing Program
  • Personality Profiling
  • Sales Aptitude and Knowledge
  • Intelligence Quotient (IQ) Testing
  • Math and Verbal Communication Skills

This pre-employment screening can be applied during the hiring process for any number of roles within a company; the following offers a small cross-section of the positions or departments for which RightFit Plus has supported our clients to date in this regard:

  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Office Personnel
  • Communications
  • Human Resources
  • Brand Managers
  • Customer Service
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Information Technology
  • Account Representatives

Benchmarking for Better Hiring Decisions and Higher Retention Rates

As a means of validating the hiring process, relative to both skill set and cultural fit, RightFit Plus has developed a customizable benchmarking feature that gives employers the ability to test and compare applicants against established standards for particular roles/departments within their own company. These norms are created by testing top performers in a specific function or branch/division of the company, thus providing the ideal or preferred score to be attained by potential candidates for those positions. Moreover, this benchmarking capability simultaneously reduces the risks, as well as the costs, often associated with hiring decisions that are made on subjective or idiosyncratic grounds.

Background Checks to Further Substantiate Hiring Decisions

To further aid employers and their hiring managers in building the right teams with the right people, RightFit Plus can also complete several background checks on their behalf.  These checks can assist in making good hiring decisions in the short-term, with an eye toward the future as well; they include:

Hiring decisions can have immediate and long-term impact on company performance, staff morale, and administrative budgets.  Integrating the RightFit Plus pre-employment testing system and benchmarking feature into hiring processes can help ensure that such decisions deliver the best possible returns.

Why Choose Right Fit Plus

Why Choose RightFit Plus?

RightFit Plus understands and respects the challenges associated with recruiting and hiring in today’s marketplace. The desire to hire the best possible candidates/team members can often be at odds with the need to fill open positions as quickly as possible to sustain overall productivity levels; this can sometimes lead to hiring decisions that are less-than-ideal and therefore must be revisited much sooner than planned.

Through the use of our pre-employment screening and benchmarking services, employers can realize several substantial benefits, including:

  1. Making more informed hiring decisions
  2. Reducing turnover rates and related costs
  3. Minimizing liability when taking on new staff
  4. Developing profiles/standards for top performers
  5. Dedicating more time/focus to daily operations/needs

To learn more about our pre-employment testing and benchmarking services and our areas of specialization, call RightFit Plus today at 1-888-604-4951 or contact us to request your no-obligation consultation with one of our advisors.

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