Background Screening Services

What is the average turn around time for results?

Turnaround time for each background check varies and is based upon the type of check. There may be certain circumstances in which a result will take longer, however RFP will notify the client of the timeline extension and seek approval by the client before continuing with the check.

Turnaround time for background screening checks will range from 4 hours to 72 hours.

Results will be sent via e-mail to the contact that initiated the request.

Why should we conduct background checks on candidates?

Making the wrong hiring decision can be very costly for employers.   Conducting reference checks and other background checks on potential new hires helps hiring managers make more informed hiring decisions which will reduce the costs associated with employee turnover. Background checks can also help companies avoid the damage that a bad hire can inflict on it’s employees and customers.

Are background checks legal in Canada?

Yes they are. However, all background checks should be reasonable to the needs of the job and done with the informed consent of the candidate.

It is important to know that when conducting a criminal check that you do not single out any particular candidate. These checks must be completed on a consistent basis for all employees in that same role.

Can we request specific questions to be asked for a reference check or exit interview?

Yes, we are happy to custom design reference checks or exit interview questions based upon your company requirements.

When is the best time in the hiring process to conduct background checks?

From a legal standpoint, employment reference checks can be completed anytime during the hiring process, however the criminal check should only be completed once a conditional offer of employment has been issued.

What paperwork has to be completed to conduct a background check?

The candidate must complete and sign a consent for disclosure form which is also signed by the employer.

Two pieces(copies) of approved Identification must be provided.

Pre-Employment Testing/Benchmarking

What is the average turnaround time?

Results are received within 2 to 4 minutes from the time the applicant completes and submits the test.

These results will be sent as a .pdf attachment to an email sent to the requesting user. They will also be saved to your “Client Dashboard”

All results will be sent to the requesting company only.

If a candidate asks to see their results, can we share this information?

Yes, you are obligated to share the results of any background screening or testing completed by the candidate.

How do we know if the results are accurate?

All of our tests have various security features that protect the integrity of the test while it is being taken which means it is hard to cheat.

Additionally, our Personality Profile test has a “Consistency Score” which indicates how consistent the candidate was when completing the test and if they tried to “work” the test.

Is Pre-Employment testing legal in Canada?

Yes, however it is important to remain consistent and test all applicants with the same tests based upon their job function.

Our assessments meet all Human Rights requirements and do not discriminate based upon any of the protected criteria.

When is the best time in the hiring process to have a candidate take a Profile Assessment?

This varies greatly depending on the company. Some clients test all candidates before their first interview and other companies wait and only test their top 2 candidates before the final interview. There is no right or wrong answer. RightFit Plus can consult with you and your company to determine what the best process is for you.

Do we need training before using RightFit Plus Assessments?

That is one of the great reasons for using RightFit Plus. All of our results are written in an easy to read format and provides detailed information on each character and talent trait. However, we are always here to walk you through the results whenever you need us.

General Questions

Do we need to sign a contract in order to use your services?

No, you do not need to sign an agreement for a stated amount of time.   However, we will need to establish you as a client and have you read and approve our “Terms and Conditions” of service. Ultimately, we believe that once you experience our services first hand you will want to continue to work with us for your pre-employment needs.

Is my data secure?

Yes, your data is safe with us. Security and privacy of your data is our number one priority. Rightfitplus Grid servers are housed in secure, guarded, Tier 3+ data centers on both coasts, where they’re extremely well protected from physical threats.

How much do you charge for your services?

Our pricing varies depending on the service(s) used and the quantity of such services. Please feel free to contact our office to talk to a customer service representative who will be happy to discuss your requirements and suggest the best package for you and your company.

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