Pre-Employment Testing of Math and Verbal Skills to Help Determine Fit

Pre-Employment Aptitude TestsAlthough the vast majority of businesses will not require their employees to have the math expertise of space agency scientists or the grammatical talents of gifted writers, it should be a reasonable expectation that most of their staff exhibit proficiency in these skill areas that is equivalent to a high school level.

However, evaluating these skills is not typically part of face-to-face interviews with potential new hires; it would be quite awkward, not to mention time-consuming, to ask candidates to solve numerical brainteasers or correctly analyze sentence structure during their allotted times. Yet attaining some appreciation for their capability in these areas and incorporating it in the overall information-gathering process can indeed be beneficial in determining their fit for any specific position or positions in the company.

Fortunately, effective pre-employment testing of math and verbal skills can be accomplished with the support of RightFit Plus.

A Practical Test of Math and Grammar Skills to Assess Levels of Proficiency

RightFit Plus has developed an uncomplicated, practical 20-question test that can be used prior to making a job offer to assess a candidate’s aptitude relative to their math and verbal skills*.  The test consists of 10 math-specific questions and 10 grammar-specific questions, in scrambled or shuffled order; the context of these questions addresses such elements as:

  • Multiplication
  • Problem Solving
  • Percentages and Discounts
  • Spelling
  • Word Meanings/Definitions
  • Sentence Structure and Grammar

Applicants who correctly answer all 10 questions in an individual skill area can be considered to have high school-level proficiency in that corresponding competency.  For candidates who answer less than 10 questions correctly, the prospective employer will be provided with test results that identify both the question(s) answered incorrectly and the response(s) chosen.

In these latter cases, it is important to note that a score below 10 in one or both of the skill areas is not necessarily indicative that an applicant should be summarily dismissed from any further consideration; to the contrary, having an awareness of which questions were missed will permit an employer to identify the following, should they deem the person to be a viable candidate to join the company based on other types of testing and/or information collected:

RightFit Plus math and verbal skills testing
  • Areas for further investigation in any interviews
  • Questions to incorporate into reference checking
  • Formal training as part of the on-boarding process

* RightFit Plus strongly recommends that math and verbal skills testing not be administered in isolation but rather in conjunction with a RightFit Plus Personality Profile Assessment

Applicability of Math and Verbal Skills Testing

As suggested above, the results of RightFit Plus math and verbal skills testing should not be used as standalone data for any hire-or-no-hire decisions; however, the outcomes of these tests can be utilized to help determine if a candidate is the right fit for a specific position in the organization.

Pre Employment Skills Testing
Pre-Employment Testing Software

Some examples of the functional areas for which the test results may be applicable include:

Math SkillsVerbal Skills
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Procurement
  • Inventory Control
  • Marketing
  • Client Service
  • Technical Writing
  • Human Resources
  • Government Affairs

For further information about our pre-employment testing of math and verbal skills and the interpretation and application of the test results, call RightFit Plus at 1-888-604-4951 today or contact us to request your no-obligation demonstration by one of our advisors.

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