• Misconceptions About Pre-Employment Aptitude Tests

    April 17, 2019

    Misconceptions About Pre-Employment Aptitude TestsAptitude tests are used in pre-employment assessments to learn more about an applicant. There are a variety of tests that measure different aspects such as reasoning, problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision making. These results are applicable to every job.

    A candidate’s aptitudes impact their job performance in a variety of ways. They can help determine the speed an employee learns new things on the job, their ability to improve, and how they solve problems. Because of this, utilizing aptitude tests can work better than many other hiring criteria to predict an applicant’s success for the long term.

    Aptitude Test Misconceptions

    Though aptitude testing is becoming much more common, many still have misconceptions and confusion about what the test is and what can be done. Two of the most common misconceptions are as follows:

    • Aptitude vs. Achievement – An aptitude test measures learning potential and cognitive abilities. Everyone has different skills and talents, and because of this, testing is useful to help predict the success of a candidate. Be aware that an aptitude test is not an achievement test. An achievement test measures how well something has been learned, where an aptitude test measures potential. View our blog to learn more about how aptitude tests are able to predict an employee’s success.
    • General vs. Specific – There are two types of aptitude tests, general and specific. General aptitude tests are used primarily for indicating an applicant’s job performance overall in a variety of tasks and occupations. Specific aptitude tests help learn more about a narrower field of subjects and areas.

    Advantages of Pre-Employment Aptitude Tests

    • Measure the Things You Can’t See – Individuals have a variety of traits that can’t be seen or heard. An aptitude test helps to measure these traits.
    • Provide an Objective Comparison – Your personal feelings will influence how you perceive interviews or resumes. When using an aptitude test, the results will be objective and free of any unconscious biases.
    • Recognize Applicant Potential – An aptitude test is an excellent way to learn about the potential for an applicant to succeed.
    • Reduce Employee Turnover – Aptitude assessments make it easy for companies to screen an individual’s talents and eliminate those who don’t have the right skills for the job from the applicant pool.

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