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    Quick Facts About Background Checks in Canada

    May 5, 2019

    Quick Facts About Background Checks in CanadaCompanies often believe that the only purpose of a background check is to learn whether their applicant has a criminal history. Actually, there are several other benefits that can come from a background check that you may be unaware of. These additional checks can provide you with the peace of mind to know you’ve made an informed hiring decision.

    How Can Background Checks Help Your Business?

    • Many background checks have the ability to look into a candidate’s education history. This allows you to determine whether or not they have told the truth about their educational and academic history.
    • A criminal check has the potential to save your company money over time. If you hire someone without performing a check, you don’t quite know what you’re getting. You don’t want to find out later after investing in the hire and training. If something happens while they’re at work or it comes to light that they aren’t a good fit for your company based on their criminal past, you will lose your investment when you are forced to let them go.
    • Occasionally, people may not be entirely truthful on their resumes or applications. They can exaggerate their previous employment and experience. This can hurt your business. If you’re looking for a particular skill set, for example, a candidate who isn’t truthful could claim to have the skills and knowledge you require. After hiring them, you may realize they are incapable of doing what they were hired for. This process can be costly and can be easily prevented by performing an employment history check.
    • If the role you’re hiring for requires driving, even just for a short period of time or one day, knowing their driving history can help a lot. You may be putting your company and its reputation at risk by using a driver you don’t know anything about. Having a bad driving record can often mean that an individual is careless with their own vehicles, so may also be the same with a company vehicle. Be sure to check their driver history before allowing them to drive for you.

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