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    November 10, 2018

    What Is a Psychometric Assessment?

    Often used by companies who are hiring, psychometric tests help to assess aptitude, skills, and personality. This allows recruiters to determine whether an applicant would be suitable for their company and the role available.

    Psychometric TestingThese kinds of tests have been used for many years and were initially used in the early 20th century for educational psychology. Since then, these tests have become a common part of the hiring and recruitment process, especially in large and competitive businesses. These tests allow them to assess a candidate’s skills effectively.

    Each test serves a different purpose.

    • Aptitude Tests:

      These tests are used to measure an individual’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as their ability to learn and apply new information correctly. This kind of test can include areas such as error checking, numerical reasoning, and logical reasoning. The test given to an individual will vary based on the type of job they’re applying for, and which field it is in. The test will usually be in a multiple-choice format, and under a set time limit.

    • Skills Tests:

      A skills test is used to measure a candidate’s competencies in relation to the job available. These tests help employers evaluate a candidate’s current skill level, and their ability to learn a new skill. These tests are usually a practical, hands-on approach to a task that will often be used in the job.

    • Personality Tests:

      Personality assessments allow employers to gauge a candidate’s suitability for the role as well as the company. They are used to analyze behaviour and provide an outlook into the way applicants approach work. This information can then be used to determine whether the candidate will fit in with both the organization as well as the culture it has developed. These results may then be compared to a top-performing employee to see if any characteristics are shared. A personality test doesn’t generally have a time limit, as the goal is to have the applicants provide honest answers.

    When and Why Would A Psychometric Test Be Used?

    Recruiters and hiring managers will often use psychometric tests for the following reasons:

    • They provide an objective view into the candidate’s abilities, and are impersonal, granting the recruiter the ability to make decisions based on results and not any unconscious bias.
    • They make the recruitment process easier and can save money in the hiring process.
    • They are a reliable indicator of an individual’s future job performance.

    At any point during the recruitment stage, these tests can be applied. Most recruiters have found it successful when used immediately after an application is submitted, as an addition to an interview, or sometime before or after the interview.

    By using psychometric testing, companies will be sure they bring in the right person who fits culturally and has the right skills to match the job. This will allow them to improve their overall quality of hires.

    Conducting the tests on current employees will help companies best identify any critical areas for development. This will allow them to work together with their staff to create customized learning and development strategies to help improve their skills and obtain better employee engagement.

    By ensuring their employees have the required skills, companies will be able to decide who will make the best leaders. They can groom top performers to create the leaders they need for the future.

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