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RightFit Plus has standardized pricing nationally to ensure testing costs remain consistent no matter which Province your company or branches are located in.

At RightFit Plus our clients range from small family-owned businesses to large nation-wide businesses and their hiring needs vary greatly as does their need for our various services.

Therefore, we are happy to be able to offer our clients 3 pricing options.

  • Option1 Credit Packages

    This is our most popular option as it gives our clients a lot of flexibility. Credit packages range in size from as small as 20 credits to 500 credits or greater. The larger the credit package the larger the discount per credit.

    Our credits can be used for any of our services and they never expire.

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  • Option 2 Un-limited Lease

    This option is great for larger companies or companies that interview candidates on a regular basis. This option is also beneficial for Recruitment Agencies, Associations and Dealer Groups.

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  • Option 3 Pay-as-you-go

    This option is good for those companies who want the benefits of pre-employment screening, but have very limited hiring needs and do not want to purchase a credit package.

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Contact us to discuss the best pricing option for you!

We are always happy to help our clients determine the best value option for their businesses.  Our options are not set in stone.  Many of our current clients start with one plan and then move to another plan, as their hiring needs change.   Our goal is to remain flexible so you don’t have to worry about our costs whether your hiring needs change or stay the same.

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