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    November 17, 2018

    Employment Background Check ServicesWhen hiring new employees, it can sometimes be important to conduct background checks. This may be even more necessary if your company works with vulnerable people or sensitive information. RightFit Plus offers comprehensive background checks to help screen applicants for their suitability.

    What is a Background Check?

    • A background check is a summary of an individual’s employment and criminal records, as well as their employment history. These checks are very common, and up to three-quarters of employers conduct background checks on their potential hires.

    Why Conduct Background Checks?

    • A criminal background check is useful for determining whether an applicant will be a good fit for your company. One in ten people have some kind of criminal conviction, and others may have had some negative encounters with the police.
    • When considering who to hire out of an applicant pool, it is important to know more information about each potential employee. Otherwise, your company and staff may be vulnerable to harassment, theft, assaults, and fraud.
    • Background Screenings help verify information provided on a resume. Approximately 40% of resumes have been modified to contain false or altered information. Employers should make sure that the applicant they are interviewing is who they promise to be. It can be used to determine whether an applicant graduated from the college they said and that they have the job experience they claim.

    RightFit Plus Background Checks Include:

    • Criminal Record Checks – Ensuring an employee does not have a criminal record is not only important for the individuals your company deals with, but also for your staff. It wouldn’t be fair for other employees to have an individual who was convicted of a violent crime work with them daily as it can make them uncomfortable or worry for their well-being. A criminal record check will display any convicted offences that have not been given a pardon. If the conviction is relevant to the job opening, the employer can refuse to hire or cancel any conditional offers they have made to the individual.
    • Reference Check – Our reference checks are conducted by contacting co-workers, supervisors, or other business colleagues directly. This allows the employer to gain insight into the applicant’s skills and work ethic, and also validate the information provided on the resume and through the interview.
    • Driver’s Abstract for Ontario Residents – If the open position requires an employee to drive using a personal or company vehicle, a driver’s abstract provides information that allows the employer to determine whether a candidate is reliable and suitable for the role. This can help to prevent any potential liabilities.
    • Exit Interviews – These interviews help a company gain insight and feedback when an employee is leaving the organization. They can provide information about why they are going and help review policies and practices that may need to be modified or altered to help retain future employees.

    Information Included in RightFit Plus’s Background Check:

    When receiving a background check from RightFit Plus, you will receive the following:

    • Information Canadian Criminal Check Result
    • Employment History Verification
    • Reference Check Results

    Our background checking services are fast, thorough, and provide an invaluable resource. For more information on the employment background checks offered by RightFit Plus, contact us at 905-604-4951 or toll-free at 1-888-604-4951.

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