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    November 5, 2018

    Our Pre-Employment Tests Help You Identify and Hire the Best Candidates

    At RightFit Plus, we have a variety of pre-employment tests available to help you make effective hiring decisions. Our services help you measure potential job candidates based on:

    • Their probability of success in the role
    • What motivates them
    • Their values
    • Ability to solve problems
    • Personality traits and behavioural characteristics
    • Identify various strengths and areas of improvement

    Employers contact us to receive expert assistance in the following areas:

    • Screen applicants quickly and efficiently
    • Assess their skills, characteristics, and abilities
    • Determine if they will be successful
    • Identify the top performers in your applicant pool
    • Make an informed hiring decision

    We offer a variety of assessment tools, including the following:

    Personality Profile Assessments:

    Pre-Employment Testing and Assessments at RightFit PlusThe process of interviewing and acquiring new individuals can be a hassle. You need staff, time, and financial resources to conduct an efficient hiring process, which can detract from the other needs of your business. This process doesn’t always result in finding a successful candidate either. Often companies are striving to fill positions quickly and may select individuals without considering effectively how they suit the business or the role. In these situations, having to redo the process can be costly both financially and lost productivity.

    To make the overall process easier and more effective, it is beneficial to have a baseline to work from to determine their fit with your company. Our Personality Profile Assessment program is an easy online system that provides evaluations for potential hires regarding 18 different character traits. These traits include but are not limited to decision making, communication, stress management, and confidence. You can then compare this information against benchmarks from your top-performing employees.

    Sales Aptitude Assessments:

    Individual sales styles can range greatly from easy-going to pushy. The impression that customers will receive from these salespeople will no doubt reflect upon your company. If a poor impression was made, this might be due to that salesperson being ill-suited to their role. To avoid this issue, an assessment of a potential hire’s sales aptitude is recommended.

    Using the sales aptitude assessment tool available from RightFit Plus, you can view your potential hire’s skills for a variety of sales tactics including sales ethics, their ability to overcome objections, telemarketing, and closing the sale.

    IQ Tests:

    At RightFit Plus, we have created an IQ test service. While you may be unsure about what an IQ, or intelligence quotient test can do for you when it comes to hiring, our analysis focuses primarily on common sense as opposed to academic areas. This will let you get insight into a candidate’s ability to retain information, apply reasoning, make conclusions, and analyze facts and information.

    You likely don’t need to hire someone who has an advanced degree in physics, but you will need somebody who can solve your everyday business challenges rationally. Our IQ Test helps you identify which candidates have these skills, allowing you to make smarter hiring decisions.

    For employees that have already been hired who may be struggling, using the IQ test can help an employer determine whether the position is suitable for them, whether investing in further training will be beneficial, and if so, the pace of training that will help that employee be the most successful. The results of the RightFit Plus IQ test are not only beneficial to an employer, but also the employee.

    Math and Verbal Skills Testing:

    It is a reasonable expectation as an employer that those you hire are proficient in math and verbal skills. Being able to evaluate these skills is often not part of the interview process, as it would be incredibly awkward to start analyzing how an individual speaks or throwing mathematical brainteasers their way. To effectively gauge an applicant’s proficiency, use the Math and Verbal Skills test from RightFit Plus.

    This test consists of 20 practical questions, split evenly between math and grammar. These questions will include topics such as multiplication, percentages, spelling, and word definitions. These topics are applicable in areas such as sales, accounting, marketing, and human resources. Individuals who answer all ten questions correctly are considered to have a high-school proficiency level. If a question is answered incorrectly, the employer will receive the test results identifying which questions were missed and the response provided by the applicant.


    Benchmarking is often used by management to compare how their workers are doing versus industry leaders. This allows a company to determine where there are gaps and areas for change and improvements. Benchmarking can also be used in-house to set standards for roles in areas such as productivity, retention rates, and morale. Once these benchmarks have been established, a company will have an easier time identifying candidates who most closely fit with profiles of top performers.

    With the benchmarking feature available from RightFit Plus, a company has the ability to test several top employees to create standards for each position. It’s fair to say that each role has unique character traits, and for this reason, our benchmarking tool can be adapted for a variety of roles.

    The RightFit Plus Pre-Employment Testing Advantage:

    • We have extensive expertise and knowledge.
    • With years of expertise to draw on, RightFit Plus’s team of experts can guide you in every aspect, from test development to administration.

    Our solutions are cost-effective, highly relevant, practical, and quickly delivered. For more information on the pre-employment testing services offered by RightFit Plus, contact us at 905-604-4951 or toll-free at 1-888-604-4951.

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