• Can an Aptitude Test Really Predict Employee Success?

    January 10, 2019

    Can an Aptitude Test Really Predict Employee Success?With more than one person applying for openings, it becomes essential to be able to make correct and appropriate comparisons on a variety of aspects. Using a variety of aptitude tests, an employer can determine which potential candidate will be best suited for the role based on factors such as problem solving, knowledge, and reasoning.

    Aptitude Tests as a Predictor of Performance

    Research has shown that an individual’s cognitive aptitude can be one of the most accurate predictors of their success at a job. It can work twice as well as an interview, three times as well as their past experience, and four times better than their education.

    Accuracy of Aptitude Tests

    When paired with an interview, aptitude tests help portray an accurate representation of a candidate’s potential. The tests provide valuable information for the employer that they may not be able to get from the interview alone. As there are a variety of tests available, they each measure different qualities. Finding the types that are relevant to the role you have open is the best approach to find a suitable person to fill the position.

    Types of Tests

    What the test measures must be considered before utilizing it. For example, a sales performance test may not be suited for an employee who will never have to make a sale. It is for this reason that it helps to have an understanding of the options available.

    Skills Tests – A skills test measures aspects of the job, such as typing speeds, data entry accuracy, or the ability to use certain programs.

    Knowledge Tests – These tests measure knowledge about certain parts of the job and role. It can and should be tailored to each position.

    Ability Tests – An ability test measures either cognitive or mental abilities. They directly relate to performance levels and are often presented as a scenario in which the candidate selects what they would do in each situation.

    Personality Tests – There are many different kinds of personality tests, but there are typically five different tests used to measure five basic personality factors. These factors are:

    • Openness to experience
    • Extroversion
    • Conscientiousness
    • Agreeableness
    • Emotional stability

    Advantages of an Aptitude Test

    Using aptitude tests offers several advantages. The tests are accurate at predicting a new hire’s potential, helping to establish their strengths and weaknesses more in-depth than an interview could, and provides an example of the skills needed to the applicant. This helps them to decide if they are the right fit for the position based on their own skills and comfortability.

    When an employer is looking to bring on a new person to fill an open position or consider promoting internally, it is important to make sure that these individuals have the right skills, knowledge, abilities, and personality to achieve success. The best way to do this is with the help of RightFit Plus. Our Sales Aptitude Test and Personality Profile test allow employers to make better management and hiring decisions. For more information about our testing services, contact us at 905-604-4951 or toll-free at 1-888-604-4951.

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