• The Importance of Pre-Employment IQ Tests

    December 5, 2018

    The Importance of Pre-Employment IQ TestsPre-employment testing is useful for employers who are looking to hire a new candidate. During testing, they are able to gather insight into potential employees and get a better understanding of their skills and talents in various fields. When hiring for management positions or considering an employee for promotion, it is important to identify if they also have the intelligence for the role.

    Why Intelligence Matters at Work from an Employer’s Perspective

    An IQ test is designed to measure intelligence. Most people understand the concept of IQ but may not realize the role it plays in a pre-employment assessment.

    A true IQ test, as in one that measures your level of intelligence and provides you with a number, is not generally used as an employment test. Most employers utilize cognitive aptitude tests instead, which help to predict a candidate’s success based on various intellectual skills. The aptitude test measures an individual’s critical thinking, problem-solving, and learning ability much like a standard IQ test. However, an aptitude test also measures attention to detail and communication skills, which are not included in a traditional IQ test. While these are important skills for a job, they are not central to how intelligence is measured.

    These tests help to provide insight into how quickly a candidate will pick up on your training and how well they will perform in their role. In fact, cognitive aptitude tests have been shown to be better at predicting potential job performance than other hiring criteria.

    What A RightFit Plus IQ Test Can Determine

    The IQ testing available at RightFit Plus can be used to determine a variety of factors about your potential hires, including:

    • Their ability to retain information
    • How well they apply mental reasoning
    • Their effectiveness at formulating sound conclusions
    • Whether they make good decisions
    • Their skills at analyzing and organizing information

    Industries That Benefit Most from Pre-Employment Intelligence Tests

    Many industries can benefit from using pre-employment intelligence tests, as they provide a variety of information. However, the organizations that will receive the most benefit from utilizing this kind of testing include, but not limited to, those looking to hire the following roles:

    • Office Managers
    • Controllers & CFO’s
    • Engineers
    • Human Resources Managers
    • Marketing Managers
    • Sales Managers

    While many industries do not require their employees to have advanced degrees in fields such as physics or math, they will certainly benefit from having staff that can solve everyday problems rationally, correctly, and effectively. Utilizing the IQ testing available through RightFit Plus will help you to identify the candidates that have the right skills and mindset, allowing you to make better hiring decisions and improve your employee retention.

    Using the IQ Test for Your Existing Staff

    You can also benefit from using IQ testing if you have any concerns about your current staff. Underperformance and struggling to keep up can all be signs that the employee may need additional training or is not suited for their role. Conducting an IQ test can help establish if the demands of the position are too much, whether investing into further training will be beneficial, and if so, the speed and pace of training that would help the employee best.

    Our testing services are highly effective and deliver quick results. For more information on the IQ tests offered by RightFit Plus, contact us at 905-604-4951 or toll-free at 1-888-604-4951.

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