• The Benefits of Psychometric Assessments

    February 17, 2019

    What Is a Psychometric Assessment?

    A psychometric assessment is used by employers to measure factors such as your personality, intelligence, and skills. This allows them to determine whether you will fit in with the company well, and also meet the criteria of the job. To read about our psychometric assessments, please click here.

    Why Are Psychometric Tests Used?

    Recruiters will often use psychometric testing for a variety of reasons, including the following:

    • They provide an objective, impersonal viewpoint which allows each candidate to be viewed and compared without any potential unconscious biases.
    • Tests make the recruitment process more efficient by analyzing skills pre-emptively.
    • Psychometric testing has been shown to be a reliable indicator of an individual’s future job performance.
    • Pre-employment and psychometric tests measure behaviours, attitudes and skills and can be used in a wide variety of industries.

    When Would A Psychometric Test Be Utilized?

    Psychometric TestA psychometric test can be utilized during any part of the recruitment process, though it will often be undertaken in one of these three stages:

    • Once your application is submitted.
    • As an additional step during your interview.
    • Proceeding or following your interview.

    What do Psychometric Tests Measure?

    The name ‘psychometric’ comes from two Greek words meaning mental and measurement. They primarily measure three main areas, including your capabilities, aptitude for the job you’re applying for, and to assess if your personality will fit in well with the organization.

    Psychometric tests are a routine occurrence when applying for a variety of jobs. They provide excellent insight into who you are on a deeper level than could be attained through conversation alone, allowing the recruiter to make the best choice when selecting who to hire.

    If you are a recruiter looking to utilize our testing services or would like more information, contact us at 905-604-4951 or toll-free at 1-888-604-4951.

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